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Make A New Year’s Resolution To Cut Expenses & Save More Money

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It’s after New Year’s now, and weeks later, many people have forgotten about their New Year’s resolutions. Let’s give those resolutions some renewed vigor. Did you make a resolution this year? If you did, what was it? One of the popular resolutions people always make is to spend less and save more. If that’s what you need to be doing, join the club. What are some creative ways to make it happen?

One way you can reduce expenses is by addressing what you spend on groceries. Do you cook? Recently, I went on the Atkins Diet, which is supposed to be an expensive diet, but I have managed to spend less on groceries. How? My body has adjusted, and I’m not craving so many unhealthy foods at all hours of the day. Discipline your diet, work off a grocery list, cook more often and you will end up saving money for sure.

Food and groceries in general were definitely a good place to start because most people spend most of their money on food. However, you have to eat, so let’s look at what you don’t have to do. That is where all the extra savings lies. Natty, what you don’t spend you can save. For starters, although this is back in the food category, you want to limit the amount of times you eat at a restaurant.

What other entertainment expenditures do you have? Maybe you make one to many trips to the Red Box, or perhaps you like to go golfing on the weekends. Look at what all you spend money on and see if you can cut anything out or cut any corners. If you can, then you’re already a winner and going to be saving more money.

Next, you need to look at your budget to see if you can cut any corners on other expenses, too. Are you still signed up for the highest priced cable package? Do you pay too much for your cellphone bill? If there are bills that you’re spending too much money on, then it’s time to shave a little off the top. By now, you should be looking pretty good.

There are still other ways to save even more money, and you might be thinking of a few creative things you can do now based on your own personal situation. Do you already have an emergency fund saved up? If not, that will be the savings you’re working on.

Car title loans are a great option if you anticipate you can payoff early – especially at Windsor Quick Funding since there is no prepayment penalty. How well off will you be by the time the next new year rolls around?

It is fun to get excited about saving money. However, that excitement can fade fast if you don’t stay disciplined with your spending. Don’t forget this New Year’s resolution and wait until next time. Renew your excitement for the resolution at hand, and start taking the necessary steps to help you achieve your goal. Finances can be tricky, and that is one of the reasons that people are always focusing on financial New Year’s resolutions.